Introducing Smart Links: FreeYourMusic’s Music Sharing App

June 23, 2022

At FreeYourMusic we always believed that music you've curated should stay yours, no matter where you stream. Since 2015, we’ve helped 1.5 million people transfer their playlists across music streaming platforms. Now, we’re adapting our technology to better serve artists and record labels in the streaming era.

What are Smart Links by FreeYourMusic

Fans all over the world use various streaming services - Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, YouTube Music just to name a few. How can you connect fans with your music on multiple platforms? That's where Smart Links come in handy. They're like music links on steroids. With only one simple link, you can promote your music across all streaming platforms, maximizing your traffic and streams.

Smart links are not only helpful for artists who want to promote themselves on different platforms – they’re also super simple for fans to access! As soon as a fan clicks the link that an artist has posted, they’ll be directed to a landing page where they can listen on their favorite app right away. They simply click the chosen service and listen immediately!

In addition, you can feature a music player on your website, so that people who discovered you can preview the music first, and once they’re hooked, they can follow you on the preferred music service.

Introducing Smart Links for music influencers:

  • Grow your streams and fan base across all music platforms.

    Route the audience to your music on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, etc. with one simple link.

  • Embed a single player on your website.

    Embed an universal music player that anyone can stream.

  • Get insights.

    Monitor the impact of your marketing efforts with an insightful dashboard.

How does it work?

Each Smart Link directs the audience to a landing page that features your music available music streaming services. Add your Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube Music and more. Customize the look and feel of your Smart Link by adding your artwork, background image, title, description and more. Then, you can share a single Smart Link across your social media, letting your fans listen to your music exactly where they want to.

What does Smart Link look like?

Let’s talk about two components of a Smart Link: the URL and the landing page (micro-site).


smart url.png

Gone are the days when artists shared multiple, messy streaming links. You can share only one, branded link that will route your audience to their preferred music destinations.

For example, "" will redirect a listener to the artist’s song 'Legalize' in the streaming service of their choice.


Introducing Smart Links (Instagram Post) (Twitter Post) (1).png Once your fans click on a Smart Link, they are routed to a music landing page. FreeYourMusic Smart Links offer the most beautiful microsites that are easy to customize. You can feature your artwork, description, background image and all streaming services where your release is available. The look of the landing page will also depend on the type of the Smart Link you want to create.

Smart Links for every need

⁠You can create three different types of Smart Links to help you promote a variety of music content.

Release Links: Promote your singles and albums on multiple streaming services.

smart links release link.png Playlist Link: Feature a music player with your playlist and promote it across all streaming services.

smart links playlist link.png Bio Link: Display all of your release links, playlist links and other artist/brand content.

smart links bio link.png

Why you need Smart Links by FreeYourMusic

Smart Links empower artists to promote their releases in a seamless, simplified manner. Artists big and small rely on different smart link tools to promote their singles and albums. Smart Links by FreeYourMusic offer the most beautiful and actionable landing pages for your releases.

But we didn’t stop here.

Modern listeners are shifting towards playlists over albums. Playlists guide our music discovery, they break new artists, they make streaming better and more interesting.

Since playlists have become the ultimate way we enjoy music streaming services, we crafted a killer feature: you can promote your playlists across all music platforms.

Artists, record labels and their distributors are all interested in maximizing the streams their songs receive. Getting into playlists is a smart way of achieving this. The big labels often have their own popular playlists, which further drives streams for their artists. With custom Smart Links by FreeYourMusic, you promote your playlists across all music streaming platforms.

FreeYourMusic mission is to provide the best cross-platform curation service for music influencers. Our Smart Link service is tailored to the needs of artists, music labels, magazines, radios and festivals. We want to help you grow your audience and spread the good sound.

Give it a try

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