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Add more to your link in bio

Artist Bio Link provides fans with everything they need to discover and learn about you and your music - in one centralized place.

  • New single and albums releases
  • Playlists
  • Videos
  • Upcoming tours
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Merch

Break through the noise

Route visitors to your most important content from an easy-to-navigate and impactful microsite.

  • Capture people’s attention with beautiful landing pages
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Connect with your audience better than ever before

Allow fans to stream your music directly or redirect them to the streaming platform of their choice.

  • Embed a sleek music player
  • Link fans to your music on all the major streaming platforms
  • Increase your engagement and followers by ensuring they will be redirected to a relevant music app

Build your brand

Establish your brand and look like a pro with minimum effort. Artist Bio Link is super easy to set up and customize.

  • Automatically generate a professional microsite
  • Personalize its look and feel
  • Customize your URL

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Dive deep into Smart Link features

We’ve got the tools to grow your influence:

Embed Player
Share a universal music player directly on your page.
Landing Page
Create visually stunning pages that instantly hook listeners.
Branded URLs
Promote your music through customizable smart URLs.
Actionable Analytics
Check your audience insights and measure your performance.
Keep your music updated across the platforms.
Choose from different widgets: links, images, videos and more.

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