What makes Smart Links App a great Linkfire alternative

Looking for the best Linkfire alternative? Smart Links App is a modern platform for connecting fans to your music in a simple and smart way 🎧

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Why Smart Links App is the best Linkfire alternative 🏆

Although Linkfire was the first smart link aggregator designed for the music industry, you may be wondering if there is a better and cheaper alternative to having smart links for your music marketing.

And the answer is YES.

Smart Links app offers a modern, powerful Linkfire alternative for sharing music links, social media, videos and more.

If you’re a music curator, an artist or a major label, you’ll love sharing music content with Smart Links.
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Key Benefits

Grow your audience with playlists

Linkfire revolves around release links, but playlists - not albums - are the most popular way we consume music. Create your playlist once and publish it across all streaming platforms.

  • Auto-sync
  • 20 platforms supported
  • Responsive design

Level up with premium features

Make the most out of your marketing game with our advanced tools:

  • Pre-saves
  • Pixel remarketing
  • Analytics
  • Embed player
  • Multiple artist accounts under one license

Customize, customize, customize

Get full control over your text, links and images. Create a Smart Link that is a perfect match for your brand.

  • Pick artwork and background image
  • Customize URL
  • Rearrange content blocks

Your music deserves more

Smart Links App shares your songs, albums and playlists across all platforms and lets you present it on a trackable, promotional landing page

Artist Bio Link
Bring together all of your streaming links, social media profiles, and more.
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Release Link
Promote your singles and albums on multiple services.
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Playlist Link
Convert and sync playlists, everywhere.
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How it works

  1. Choose what type of Smart Link you want to create.
    We offer three link types: Artist Bio Link, Release Link and Playlist (Custom) Link.
  2. Customize your Smart Link.
    Pick your music services, customize your URL, change your photo and background image.
  3. Share your Smart Link with your audience.
    Use Smart Links on your website and across all of your social channels.

Why you should choose Smart Links App

Smart Links App is the best Linkfire alternative and music curation tool overall.

It generates the most captivating microsites

You don’t want your followers to end up on a page with a bunch of links. Smart Links landing pages have a sleek music player with previews of your music content to hook your audience.

Publishing playlists made easy!

Smart Links makes sharing music easier than ever, with less manual work. Once you’ve curated a playlist on the source platform, you can automatically feature it on various streaming services.

It's suitable both for independent music curators and big brands.

We have plans for everyone. With features like advanced analytics and embed player, you can maximize your marketing efforts.

Try Smart Links today.

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